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The Story Table is now a non-profit!
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Meet Nicholas

Nicholas Pawlowski M. Ed, has been integrating storytelling and music into education for over 20 years. Through his work in inter-cultural relations, he has learned the vital role that arts play in our children's (and our own) capacity to relate and connect

with one another.


"I tuned in to your storytelling. It was WONDERFUL! MAGICAL! For anyone at home with kids, I highly recommend they tune in, and join you for a little escape into a story, and an interactive/ group experience!!"

                       -Susan Glenn, Librarian

“It was interactive and fun.  The story was great, with singing, hand motions, and laughter.”

                                 -Anika (age 11)

"Give your kids the opportunity that I have had to experience his infectious laughter, his exuberant love for life, and his depth of soul." 


                                    -Tim Young, Poet

"Nicholas brought his obvious storytelling expertise and natural flare for connection and fun right into our living room.  I felt totally comfortable with his presence, his content and his presentation with my multi-age family of four kids."

-Chandler, Parent of four

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The Story Table
with Nicholas Pawlowski

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