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Join us 'round the table for interactive stories like these!

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Folk Tales 

Folk tales teach us how to live wise and joyful lives!  They remind us how to share, overcome anger, be clever and develop respect for other people, cultures and creatures.  Through Folktales we come to better understand our earth and our place on it.  


Hero/Heroine Stories

The ancient stories about the Hero's adventures teach us about our own journey.  The Heroine's trials of courage, compassion and integrity, are ours as well.  These stories offer wise counsel in how we can overcome our own challenges, as well as bring help and healing to our communities.  


Wisdom Stories

Across many world cultures, story has often been used as a means of preserving and conveying wisdom.  From Aesop's fables to the humorous Sufi tales of Mulla Nassrudin, we've inherited a wealth of illuminating stories from our ancestors.  Their timeless observations of the human condition offer us helpful guidance as we navigate these uncertain times.


Bible Stories (Not used on public streaming but are available upon request)

The Old and New Testament are rich with stories, parables and spiritual teachings.  These texts form the foundation of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and have made a tremendous impact on the world.  Their messages of Faith, Hope and Love are just as relevant today as when they were written, thousands of years ago. 

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