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'In Person' Art Residencies are custom-designed to meet the needs of your organization.  
Story Table Residency
Work with Nicholas to bring the Story Table to your school 'In Person!'  Story Table residencies may be customized to support the teachers' unique lesson plans and meet state standards.  Typically, the program runs for one and a half hours.  Students will engage in active listening, have time for quite illustration, dance  and have a conversation about the story.  
Music/Dance Residency

Listening and dancing to music from other cultures is a great learn about different people. Whether its Rock n’ Role from the US, Waltzes from Europe or Salsas from South America, every culture on earth has some kind of musical and dance tradition that has a lot to teach us. Nicholas brings participatory dance to your class without focusing on dance steps, so every student can have fun and feel successful from the very start! Contact Nicholas to create a unique program for your class curriculum.

History Residency
Bring your unit on Ancient Civilizations, US history or any other historical event to life with stories, music, dance and/or activities from that time era! Most of the stories we read about in the past, were originally part of the oral tradition. Give your students the experience of being part of history, not just reading about it. Contact Nicholas about how to make it possible.
Spiritual stories and parables have long been used by many religious traditions to explain their teaching.  Whether you need to supplement a religion class in school or want a form of "Sunday school" for your own children and/or spiritual community, these residencies are tailored to support your goals.  Offered both in person or online, these sessions may include activities like engaged discussion, singing songs or making arts and crafts.  Contact Nicholas about how a residency could enhance your children's spiritual formation.
Religious Education Residency
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