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Fridays  4:00  CST 

Saturdays 10:00  CST 

 (GMT - 05:00)

90 minutes of interactive learning & fun!


Welcome- 8 minutes

 Personal greetings, this is not TV!

Storytelling - 25 minutes

No passive listening here!  Kids improvise and contribute ideas!

Dance - 15 minutes 

Kids lead each other in their own dance moves and get great exercise!

Draw - 15 minutes 

Quietly and independently, kids draw what they heard in the story.

Sharing - 15 minutes 

Kids have spotlighted time to share their drawing and seeing what other kids did! 

Questions - 10 minutes 

 Kids and adults have real conversations about what's important.

Closure - 5 minutes 

Everyone thanks each other and has a final dance 'round the table! 




"I tuned in to your storytelling. It was WONDERFUL! MAGICAL! For anyone at home with kids, I highly recommend they tune in, and join you for a little escape into a story, and an interactive/ group experience!!"

                       -Susan Glenn, Librarian

*Scholarships available
Please contact Nicholas for more information.  

The story of Sadko And The King Of The Sea is about discovering unforeseen possibilities when you live with authenticity.  This clip shows active student participation and improvisation!  

After listening (and flying) to 
The Eagle and The Condor, a child and an elder both respond to a young girl's timeless question: "Why did they fight about who has the best?"  

We made our own wreaths for Midsummer!  This clip shows how improvisation and everyday objects are used to engage everyone in a joyful celebration! 

The story of Stone Soup is  about how much we actually need each other to succeed.  This clip shows how vital the active participation of children is in shaping the story. 


The story of The Golden Gourd is about honesty and integrity. This clip shows how kids contribute to the story and lead movements in the dance. 



The story of The Eagle Who Thought He Was A Chicken, is about learning to know ourselves better.  This clip shows our "flying" dance and continues by showing how illustration is used to help children reflect upon the images and lessons in the story.  


The story of The Blossom Tree is about befriending the smallest and often forgotten voices.  This clip shows how we improvise using just our hands and feet!  


Storytelling, dancing and drawing out on the edge of the prairie!  The Magic Garden is a story about generosity and compassion.

The ancient story Dreaming of Treasure is about looking for that which is  already inside you.  

 The clip demonstrates student involvement and concludes by showing a dance that is part of every Story Table session. 

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