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The Story Table believes that kids need to hear voices from diverse cultural backgrounds and is honored to host storytellers and musicians from around the world!


Helmut Wittman

Since more than 30 years, Austrian storyteller Helmut Wittmann has performed at national and international storytelling-festivals as well as at schools and institutes. He has published collections of Austrian fairy tales and has his own radio-show at the Austrian National Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) where he brings inspiring stories and music from all over the world.


Nothando Zulu

Nothando Zulu is president of Black Storytellers Alliance and has been producing a three-day Black storytelling festival (“Signifyin’ & Testifyin’”) in the Twin Cities since 1991.  She has been telling stories since she was a little girl growing up in Franklin, Virginia.  She is a wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and Master storyteller who believes in the power of storytelling!

Click here to see Ms. Nothando at the Story Table!


Vanora Franklin Legaux

Vanora Franklin Legaux is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and is Executive Director of the National Association of Black Storytellers, Inc. (NABS). Vanora knows that the art of storytelling is the art of spoken love, oral history, and poetic expression. The beauty and power of her richly told and uniquely crafted tales has captivated audiences in cities across the country and brought delight to the hearts of countless listeners. Passionate, enthusiastic, and devoted to the age-old art and practice of the African griot, Vanora has amassed a catalogue of beautifully written stories that seem tailor-made for the oral tradition. Among Vanora’s personal favorite works are: The Autobiography of Della Foster-One Step at a Time (a true story drawn from the life of her grandmother who lived to be 107 years old); Evelyn Teasing Tan & Big Sis, and lastly, For Sisters Whose Month Outlast Their Money.

Click here to see Ms. Vanora at The Story Table!


Vladimir Garrido Biagetti

Vladimir combines traditional instruments from South America with Latin rhythms such as Cumbia, Salsa, Guajira, Reggaeton, Reggae, and Nueva Cancion.  Born in Chile, he has been playing music in the Twin Cities with his band Alma Andina for more than 7 years, always evolving in their instrumentation and bringing a mix of musical flavors that invites the community to feel unified and represented by the beautiful and always evolving diversity.


Stefan Iwaskewycz and the Ukrainian Village Band (UVB)

Stefan Iwaskewycz honors the music and the history of his Ukrainian forebears as a Ukrainian/American community leader and founder of UVB a Ukrainian roots and Zabava (event & wedding) band.



Jordan Eugen Hanssen

Jordan Eugen Hanssen is an author, adventurer, and artist who has traveled the world. When he was young, he got a Guinness World Record by racing across the Atlantic with three friends in a rowboat! Then, he did it again and was briefly lost at sea. (Watch Dateline below!) He is rich in friends and has an amazing family. Carving useful, beautiful things makes him feel useful and he enjoys taking people for a row around his home in Seattle. Above all, what he has always been and strives to be better at, is telling a story.

"Rowing into the Son," Mountaineers Press.
Dateline feature: 

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