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Fridays  4:00  CST 

Saturdays 10:00  CST 

 (GMT - 05:00)


90 minutes of interactive fun!

Welcome- 8 minutes

 Personal greetings, this is not TV!

Storytelling - 25 minutes

No passive listening here!  Kids improvise and contribute ideas!

Dance - 15 minutes 

Kids lead each other in their own dance moves and get great exercise!

Draw - 15 minutes 

Quietly and independently, kids draw what they heard in the story.


Sharing - 15 minutes 

Kids have spotlighted time to share their drawing and seeing what other kids did! 

Questions - 10 minutes 

 Kids and adults have real conversations about what's important.

Closure - 5 minutes 

Everyone thanks each other and has a final dance 'round the table! 


Parents and grandparents always welcome!

*Scholarships available

Please contact Nicholas for more information.  

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