With over 20 years experience in arts and cultural education, Nicholas Pawlowski M. Ed. produces educational storytelling that listens and responds to children.  Through participatory activities such as drawing, dance and improvisation, the Story Table fosters confidence, builds student leadership and enhances our capacity to relate with others

In todays world, dominated by passive entertainment, (TV, Netflix, YouTube, etc.) The Story Table is a safe space in which children (and adults) can actively engage with the old stories by contributing their insights, questions and creativity.  Grounded in Multiple Intelligence Theory, children develop academic and personal skills by learning to listen with their eyes, ears, hands, feet and hearts - exemplified in the Chinese character Ting. (Below)


Inspired by PBS children's programs like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and Reading Rainbow, The Story Table welcomes guest storytellers and musicians from around the world. Click to see a list of our past Special Guests!

In these uncertain and challenging times, it is crucial that our children's education is nurtured by story, their imagination cultivated by creativity and their health supported with exercise!